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What to look for when hiring a UX designer

A few times recently old colleagues have asked me what they should look for when hiring and interviewing UX designers at their new companies (typically in a midweight or senior role). In response I put together this list based on my experiences interviewing designers back in the day, teaching UX design, freelancing in a few different places, and of course being one myself.

There are probably lots of similar lists out there but as I had been asked I thought it might be useful to share mine more widely. It also might be useful if you are a designer (particularly a junior one) and you’re not sure what skills you need or should develop. It might be missing one or two things but if someone has all of these qualities then they’re likely to be pretty good.

So here’s what I think is important when interviewing UX designers, in no particular order…

Plus, a couple of option extras:

Last updated on 28 October 2019
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