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An evidence-based UX consultant

If you’re a growing ecommerce startup or small business then I can help improve your website

Design to sell

Learn some essential design tips and tricks for creating an ecommerce website (featuring real content from my book).

Take a look at my articles on the detail of ecommerce sites (from landing pages to buttons) illustrated with lots of examples—the latest one I've just published is Do ecommerce product reviews work – and what can you use instead?.

Designing Ecommerce Websites 2nd edition book cover

New book out now!
The second edition of my Amazon-bestselling book Designing Ecommerce Websites giving advice for how to design online stores that convert.

Research smarter

Find my practical articles on running your own cheap and effective research into what your users are really doing—here's a piece I just published called Why you should combine visitor recordings and user testing to understand user behaviour.

Read my guides explaining the pros and cons of 24 different methods for gathering evidence, and how best to use them.

Learn even more
Check out my online video course with Udemy that explains how to know what your users really want so you can successfully redesign your website.

Work with me

You can hire me as a consultant to run my UX research and design process to improve your website. I’ve done this for lots of great companies and have 10 years of experience.

You can also hire me to teach and train your team on UX design—I’m an experienced instructor.

There’s more information about me here, with info on how to get me to write for your blog or guest on your podcast and some pieces on how I work as a freelancer .

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Evidence-Based Design for Ecommerce