The actors and mutants in X-Men films infographic

The Mutant Brigade

There’s now been five X-Men films and a whole bunch of different mutants pop-up throughout, to the point where in the latest film, I was trying to work out exactly how many of them I’d seen before and which were new. All these powers get confusing.

So here are all the mutants with names whose powers you see by film (not including the Wolverine movies because they were rubbish) on a timeline. I’ve split Days of Future Past into two for this: the past bit and the future bit. Thought I didn’t include that revised version of the ‘present’ at the end because that was very brief and a bit confusing.

I’ve also shown who the different actors were that played the roles, as to add to the confusion a few of them are played by different people – that’s without including flashbacks, which would add several more. They’re split by ‘good’ and ‘bad’ mutants, though this is a bit rough with a few of them crossing that boundary through the series.

The Last Stand features the most named mutants in a film with 23, albeit several being cameo roles, with the combined future and past parts of Days of Future Past adding up to 20 mutants.

Data from the X-Men movies wikia

Published on

21 July 2014