Where does Jason Bourne travel in the films? Map infographic

The Bourne Itinerary

There aren’t many better film trilogies than the Bourne films (the one’s with actual Jason Bourne in, not including the Jeremy Renner version). He’s known for his European travel so I thought it would be worth finding out in which city he did the most damage. Turns out it’s definitely Paris, where the majority of The Bourne Identity takes place (while the other films tend to flit around more). But he certainly got around a decent chunk of Europe bookended in the West by New York and the East by Goa. The complete order of locations is: Marseille (off the coast of), Zurich, Paris, Mykonos, Goa, Naples, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, London, Madrid, Tangier, New York.

If you look closely you might realise that the kill counters in each city have some subtle variations in New York and Berlin as the faded versions represent people you see Bourne kill in flashbacks.

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1 August 2012