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Top 50 ecommerce websites – methodology and full list

My top 50 are mainly based on the top worldwide shopping sites by traffic, as defined by Alexa in late 2018. There were some repetitions and not actual ecommerce sites in the list so I added in some travel sites from their recreation list—an important part of the ecommerce space with such large transactions. To complete the 50 I dropped in four other large traffic sites to include a few different industries. The full list of sites is below.

This list skews towards American brands but as I was viewing from the UK where a brand had a UK-localised website I would visit that (but the designs were mostly the same). I did not consider any Chinese websites despite their large traffic due to not understanding the language and the fact they are overwhelmingly aimed at a local audience.

Obviously a lot of sites are responsive and the image sized can vary so for device sizes consistency I considered desktop to be 1280 pixels wide and mobile to be 375 pixels wide (same as the now middle of the road iPhone 6/7/8).

In terms of listings pages I picked categories to study at random, looking for the standard listings template and not any special features or top level pages. Some websites had different layout options for their listings pages (often between grid or row) but I would use the default presentation, as most users would.

Full list

Last updated on 28 October 2019

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