Supercharge your user research skills

A 1 day workshop

About this workshop

We all know that user research is a massively important part of creating a successful product. Without assessing your ideas and work against real users you can’t know whether you’re making the right thing.

However do you feel out of your depth when being required to talk to users? Are you unsure whether you’re doing the right thing?

In this workshop, Matt will help enhance your skills in conducting the three main roles of user research: discovery, validation, and usability. With plenty of practical exercises and learning, he’ll pass on a decade of experience in UX and evidence-based design.

What we'll cover

Exercises will include

Who it's for

Product managers, designers, marketers, and developers who want to build their skills and confidence in talking to and testing with their users and customers. Great for those who are less experienced in this side of product creation.

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The cost of the workshop is £480 plus £50 per student, up to a maximum of 12 students.


It takes about 6 hours to deliver this workshop, which is a full day including lunchtime and breaks.


I'll come to your location to instruct the course. Travel expenses to reach you are charged on top (I'm based near Bristol, UK).

The room to teach in will require a projector and a HDMI input.

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