UX design for growing ecommerce startups

Is your website not converting as well as you'd like?

Do you currently have a small team and not enough time to dedicate to getting the UX right?

Do you lack the resources to hire a full-time UX designer?

Have you found designers who can make things look beautiful but struggle to help you understand your users and their behaviour?

Ready to scale up your business?

How I can help

I bring deep ecommerce UX design knowledge, startup experience, and pragmatism to improve your ecommerce website. I'm also experienced in working with marketplace businesses, from selling holidays to renting taxis.

A great user experience can only come from matching a company’s vision and behaviour. I start by working with you to understand what you are aiming to achieve and who your customers are.

I can give you powerful insights through research of your users and I design solutions that you’ll be able to quickly implement. Typical stages of work are outlined below:

Evidence gathering

I use an evidence-based UX design approach (see all the methods here), combining qualitative and quantitative data to understand the current state of your website.

I generally start by digging into your website analytics, as well as heatmaps and visitor recordings, to see what your users are doing and the problems they face. I share my findings as I go and clients often find this information incredibly powerful for shaping their thinking.

User testing

Once we have a clear idea of the issues that need solving I will organise, run, and analyse user tests. I will share with you videos of what people do and think when they move around your website.

I have lots of experience in many forms of effective user testing, including remote methods that allow you to reach users quickly and affordably.

Competitor research

Many ecommerce businesses want to know what their competitors are doing right but don’t have the time to properly study them. Competitor analysis is a useful and valid method for evidence gathering—it helps you see what works in the real world for similar businesses and understand design patterns users are accustomed to.

I will use my deep experience of ecommerce UX design to study the design of your choice of competitor websites, helping you find suitable design solutions.

Design & prototype

The aim of this stage is to provide you with wireframes you can take away and give to visual/UI designers or developers. My designs will incorporate the key insights we've learned about the website and your users.

I often deliver them in the form of clickable (or tappable) prototypes, which helps explore the full user journeys. You'll get a chance to provide feedback and shape the designs—and we can put them in front of users too.

Why choose me?

Ecommerce expertise

I am a UX consultant who helps ecommerce sites improve their design via evidence (not assumptions). Unlike other consultants I specialise in working with growing startups. I have over 10 years experience as a UX designer, including at the BBC, onefinestay, and have since consulted with a range of growing businesses. I’ve taught UX design workshops for four years with General Assembly, as well as bespoke training for various companies.

I've done this before

I enjoy working with startups and I understand the realities of working with small teams who need flexibility and collaboration.

Some of the great growing companies I've been privileged to work with include:

Brightech / Cornwalls Cottages / Diligent / Drover / Elvie / Heist Studios / Hire Space / incrediblue / JustPark / Lexoo / Monica Vinader / Moteefe / Nested / Red Paddle Co. / RoutePerfect / student.com / The Moving Home Warehouse / ThinkSprint / Zego

Client feedback

“The suggestions proposed by Matt were based on user research, best practices and expertise. It was free of our preconceptions so it included several good ideas we did not think of on our own.

Working with Matt was very professional and pleasant. We would definitely recommend him and use his services again if the chance arises.”

Boaz Lantsman, Routeperfect

“I would absolutely recommend Matt—it was a really positive working experience. He is clear, knowledgeable and really took into account our business and positioning.”

Hannah Russell, Elvie

"The designs Matt supplied provided a simple yet strong structure for the website, and we particularly found his help on researching and understanding the user journey very useful. We were very impressed with the work."

Daniel Verblis, The Moving Home Warehouse

“We were recommended Matt to improve the conversion rate on our website and through his work he was able to give us very valuable insights into customer behaviour. He also supplied well thought out changes to our site design and recommendations for future development.

I would absolutely recommend Matt to other businesses.”

Richard Beaman, Cornwalls Cottages

“He gave us recommendations based on user research, which gave examples of why things weren’t working currently and made it easier to get changes approved. The software he used to showcase his wireframes was easy to use and a great visualisation of the changes recommended—it also allowed for multiple users to comment in one place.

Matt explained the process and changes thoroughly and simply. He was easy to work with and very efficient. We’re already seeing the positive effects of the improvements!”

Luke Green, Red Paddle Co.

“We saw an immediate improvement to the quality of our UX from the first project he worked on. He worked well with the team to get to the bottom of what we were trying to achieve and was able to simplify things to do that.

I would highly recommend Matt – he did a great job for us and we are definitely planning on working with him again.”

Matt Robinson, Nested


How long will it take?

It varies depending on the project and client but a typical redesign takes four to eight weeks. However I have done a few two week jobs and have also had a consistent engagement with clients for over a year.

How much will it cost?

I work on fixed price quotes to avoid any surprises and I will give a few options of project size so you can choose something that’s right for you. Cost will vary on how much work is required and the size of your site but prices tend to start at £2,000, and go up to £8,000.

When is my next availability?

I have space to take on a new client in mid April.

Where am I based?

I am near Bristol in the UK, but have worked remotely with all of my clients for a few years now, so it doesn't really matter where you are. I've written about how I work openly with my clients whilst located apart from them.

Free consultation

Of course, you want to be sure we'll be right to work together. So before we get onto starting any work or discussing money, I offer a free consultation call where we can discuss your project and your needs. Only once I understand what you require and we’re sure that I’m right for your company will I put together a quote for the work.

Get in touch
What happens next?

Submit my simple enquiry form and I’ll get back to you (usually within one working day) to organise our call.

What don't I offer?

I don't specialise in visual design. I aim to deliver clean and simple designs to a medium fidelity, but if you want pixels finessing, banners/ads illustrating or styleguides pored over, you're better off with someone who specialises in that space. Look for a designer who has a beautiful-looking portfolio.