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Answers to your key questions about my email newsletter, so you can decide if it's right for you.

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Mostly fresh new content from this site, including guides to cheap and effective research, ecommerce website studies and design tips. Every now and then I send something a bit different.

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There are at least four:

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Just once a week, on a Wednesday—I won't be clogging up your inbox every day.

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Unlike many other mailing lists which boast about the tens of thousands of people on there, there are about 750 on mine (from companies such as John Lewis, Samsung, Habitat, Renault, Fedex, The Guardian, and Sony). I’m interested in creating something for a small group of people who actually want it and the open rates average a respectable 40% with an unsubscribe rate of just 1-2 per newsletter.

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Definitely not. I’ll never pass on your details to anyone else and I won't spam you with daily messages.

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Well Donald Trump is somehow still US president so it can't be worse than that, right? I can't think of anything bad that will come from trying out my newsletter. Also I promise it will be a Trump-free zone.