The Evidence-Based UX Design Guide

Learn how to make smart design decisions, based on evidence

Coming in November 2017: an online video course teaching you how to become an evidence-based designer. You'll learn how to combine web analytics, heatmaps, visitor recordings, user testing, and more to make better design decisions.


There’s lots of data out there but you don’t need masses of numbers to improve your designs. This course will teach you what to pay attention to and when.

“Using research and analytics to design is one of the top skills designers need in practice.”

Design in Tech Report 2017 (p28)

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The final course price will be around $50-$75. Every two weeks closer to launch the early adopter discount decreases by 10%.

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Why take a course from me?

This course takes a deeper look at content introduced in my Evidence-Based UX Design Guide and taught in my classroom workshop, Data-Driven UX Design on a Budget.

Here's some feedback from students of that workshop: