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Make reviews useful

Where possible you should have reviews of your products for users to browse through. They're a known conversion improver and there are types of user who won't buy without digging through them.

Most importantly these reviews should be helpful to your target audience. Don't just blitz them with a series of five star ratings and one-liner reviews. These ratings can be quite subjective (what one person calls a four star, someone else might call three) and are less important than the content of the reviews themselves. Help users find reviews that are relevant to them.

You can do this by creating sections in each review, perhaps for product quality, size feedback, shipping feedback, etc. Or you can gather information from your users and display this to help people identify relevant reviews. tells users the type of trip the reviewing guest was on (e.g. business or leisure) and their group type (e.g. couple or family). Equally tools site Screwfix tells you if the reviewer is a tradesman, which helps the user know if their opinion is based on trade experience.

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