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The 2nd Edition of Designing Ecommerce Websites

Designing Ecommerce Websites 2nd edition book cover

My Amazon-bestselling book delivers UX design advice for ecommerce websites, so you can make more sales.

Following the success of the first edition, it's getting an update to take it to the next level:

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Book launching on 27 February 2019

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A quick reference handbook

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Designing Ecommerce Websites contents

The paperback and PDF is beautifully designed and typeset by an experienced book designer to be easy to use:

  1. Split into five chapters to reflect the ecommerce funnel, covering the landing page, listings, product page, checkout flow, and extra advice;
  2. Presented as 66 guidelines, which cover all elements of a user's experience, from the copy to the calls to action;
  3. Each guideline is presented on a single spread to allow you to quickly and easily digest the content;
  4. Every guideline comes with further reading: a link to an article giving research or more details on the topic;
  5. The book features 50 wireframe illustrations to visually convey how (and how not) to achieve the advice;
  6. The chapter introductions define the requirements for each section of the site, along with how you measure success;
  7. Some guidelines are framed as questions for you and your site to consider (as the answers can vary).

Praise for the first edition

“Must read if you want to start on the journey of improving conversions on your website.”

“Whether a novice or expert – this is a great book as both a first read and checklist for for experienced UX designers.”

“Matt's densely-packed ebook has been a major eye-opener.”

“I loved the format – short but punchy, informative and functional. Packed full of learning and lightbulb moments, I know this will be a resource I will be going back to again and again.”

Amazon bestseller in the E-Commerce and Technology Business categories.

Find out full details about the first edition and buy it here.

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