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What users think about when browsing travel and holiday websites

I've worked as an ecommerce UX consultant for a few years now, and I've worked in the travel sector a lot during this time and for several years before. It's a fascinating space to sell in as there are very few other products where users have so many questions and concerns. Getting a user to reach the stage of booking can take several weeks.

I've watched a lot of user tests and surveyed a lot of users who are booking holidays. Below are the recurring questions I've found that users ask themselves and the websites. If you're working on a travel website project, it should be a handy checklist to see if your site can answer them. Some you will have thought of, some you probably haven't.

If a website can answer all of these concerns then it's highly likely it will be able to convert uncertain users into bookers.

Landing on the site

Searching through trip/stay options

Viewing trip/accommodation details

Booking and checkout

And one question users ask less and less: does it have wifi? It's increasingly assumed that wifi will be available everywhere (and for free), so make it clear if that isn't the case!

Last updated on 5 June 2018

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