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User research and report templates

I’ve written a lot about effective ways to carry out user research. In fact it’s a large part of this website.

More recently I realised I could do more than just tell you what to do, and actually show you what I think good looks like. To that end I’ve put together some templates that should help speed up your work.

This way you can take the benefits of my core knowledge, easily make a copy and adapt it to your needs. The templates work on Keynote and Google Slides.

I’ve put them all on a website too, simply called UX Design Templates. Below is a quick intro to what you can get on that site.

As a reader of my site I wanted to fix you up with a discount: use the promo code MATTISHSITE on any of them you can save at least 40%.

Customer Interview Script Template

$5 $3

A template for helping you create great customer interview scripts (sometimes known as discussion guides). 11 pages and over 30 example questions to help you be sure you've covered off the different sections that make up a good interview.

UX Competitor Analysis Report Template

$5 $3

A template for producing a lightweight UX competitor analysis report. 12 pages including report introduction; contents list; competitor site list; section introduction; Sheets for key findings within each section, with space for screenshots; and client recommendations.

User Testing Report Template

$5 $3

A template for creating lightweight user testing reports, a process explained in this article. 11 pages including test outline; test participant details; executive summary; bugs list; and sheets for key findings (including usability problems and positives).

Website Analytics Research Template

$5 $3

A template for helping you present the useful findings from quantitative website analytics. 14 pages with sections for quant data, heatmaps, and visitor recordings.

Behaviour Canvas + Audience Canvas

$2 $1

A bit different: two A4 printable canvases to help you make sense of all the research and data you gather on your website. Understand the core of how users behave on each page of your site and keep focussed on who your users are. This is an asset used in my video course, The Evidence-Based Redesign.

Last updated on 28 August 2018

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