Writing and podcasting

A bit about my experience as a writer and podcast guest.

If you want someone to speak or write about cheap and effective ways to gather evidence and improve your ecommerce website, then I can help.


I write weekly on this site and my latest book has been an ecommerce bestseller on Amazon.

I've recently written on the massively popular Invision blog, the Lemonstand blog and also wrote a series of articles for Clickz.

So if you're looking for a UX contributor, then get in touch.


If you have a UX, ecommerce, or startup focussed podcast, I'd love to be a guest.

I used to host a podcast back in the day and have recently appeared on one of iTunes' top retail podcasts, Ecommerce Masterplan, as well as the Learnetto podcast.


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Get in touch directly by emailing me here.