About me – ecommerce UX consultant

Hi, I'm Matt Isherwood and I am a UX consultant who helps ecommerce sites improve their design via evidence (not assumptions). Unlike other consultants I specialise in working with growing startups.

I have over 10 years experience as a UX designer, including at the BBC, onefinestay, and over three years working with various startups. I’ve taught UX design workshops for four years with General Assembly, as well as bespoke training for various companies.

Evidence-based designer

As satisfying as a slick prototype can be, without research it is nothing. Designing by guesswork is a bad idea so I use qualitative and quantitative evidence to create a solid UX design process. I have a range of methods to get quick and effective results.

Lean & remote

I offer a full design service whilst being remotely located from my clients.

I also follow lean methods of working, which means working fast and not overburdening clients with excess deliverables. Learn more about working with me.

Instructor & writer

I have taught a variety of courses and workshops on UX design at General Assembly in London between 2013-2017, and now provide training to companies of different sizes. I also share my knowledge via writing articles and books, with a focus on practical UX design advice.


I used to create fun infographics about films, which still live in this corner of my site.

I've done the graphics and websites for brilliant iTunes-topping podcasts The Football Ramble, and The Luke and Pete Show.

I also design and sell greetings cards of Malmesbury, where I live in Wiltshire.


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Or if you ever visit where I'm based – the lovely Malmesbury – do say hello. It's a small town but the home of a flying monk and Dyson.