Matt Isherwood

The Love-in Triangle

It's everyone's favourite film threesome! As joked about by Ricky Gervais on Life's Too Short, if Tim Burton is making a film you can be pretty certain as too who the leading man and lady are going to be. Sure enough this graphic proves that the last five of his films have featured both Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. In fact you have to go back to 1996's Mars Attacks to find a film of his when neither of them featured.

In case the graphic needs further explaining, each dot is a film that they have appeared in (or in Tim's case, directed) showing the Depp/Burton axis goes back to 1990. They had a break after Sleepy Hollow, while the director went off and discovered HBC before realising he could put them both in films and has done just that from 2005 onwards. It also shows the two actors have had a good number of other projects outside the 'triangle' with Bonham Carter working non-stop between 1995-2000 and Depp keeping busiest in his Burton gap of 200-2005.

Data from IMDB.

22 September 2012
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