Matt Isherwood

The Jackson 150

The origin of this graphic came from my old university house, where for a while we got into playing our own version of the game six degrees of Kevin Bacon, where we had to connect one actor to another via the films they've appeared in together. We soon learned that Samuel L Jackson was a very useful card to play, as most actor connections in modern Hollywood seem to go through him. This graphic pretty much proves that, showing he's appeared in films with no less than 150 big Hollywood names. The people he's appeared in more than one film with owe a debt to the Star Wars prequels and Marvel series of superhero films he's been a part of.

If you want to interrogate the infographic further to find out just who he has performed with, I've tried to keep the names in roughly in alphabetical order going clockwise around the circles.

26 August 2012
Actor career

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