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The Denzel Files

I could probably watch Denzel all day. The man has serious screen presence. Often playing characters with strong beliefs, this graphic started with a theory that Denzel always seems to play characters on one side or other of the law, especially recently. A study of his career CV shows this isn't quite true with about half of his films to date featuring him as a policeman, criminal or military man. However with 11 cop roles it has got to be the most popular of his character's professions.

If there is a pattern it's that the police connection is strong throughout his career with him tending to do a lot more military-related roles early on before getting more into the law-breaking side of things in recent times.

Certainly not the biggest or strongest dataset to work with but 11 police roles feels like quite a few. It leads me to wonder if many actors have done more in feature films? I sense another graphic...

29 July 2012
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