Turn users into customers—learn how to design ecommerce sites

Are your landing pages leaving users confused? Are your product pages failing to excite users into buying?

I'm putting together over five years of experience in designing for ecommerce sites into a book. It's going to contain more than 50 pieces of advice on how to design ecommerce pages that convert—taking you from homepage to checkout.

On sale in ebook in early February 2017 and print by March 2017.

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Designing Ecommerce Websites

Feedback from my workshops

This book builds on a workshop I've been teaching for over three years with General Assembly in London. Here's some of the feedback it has gained over that time:

“Great for starting e-commerce designer, very informative”

“Very intriguing, especially when applied on my own design, and different fields of the company I am working for”

“Very engaging presentation, good overview of a big subject.”

“Was a great class, as a designer starting to design ecommerce sites this is a great guide to the basics very simple to understand and apply what was taught.”

“Easy to follow and in depth, good introduction and good question answering”

About the author

I am a UX consultant who helps ecommerce sites improve their design via qual and quant data. Unlike other consultants I specialise in working with growing start-ups. [read more]