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15 April 2014

Why I don’t get smart watches

Where I outline why this exciting new development in the world of wearables leaves me not understanding the fuss.

7 April 2014

Data-driven UX on a budget

This class demystifies the buzz around metrics, analytics, and data. For every digital product, there are strategic level key performance metrics (KPIs) that management has to monitor.

This workshop will demonstrate how to make actionable design decisions based on metrics from free to use products like Optimizely, Google Analytics,, social media and real-time stats.

General Assembly talk

Why you should use a carousel

I make the case for the defence of the much-maligned auto-playing homepage carousel. Don't fully write it off.

30 March 2014

Get GA data into a Google sheet

Being able to get your Google Analytics data into a Google Sheet is something I've found very useful for analysing your website’s data. Here’s the slightly hacky way that I’ve been doing it for the last few years.

23 March 2014

Simplify your checkout

Recently, I was giving a talk that I’ve done for about a year on Key UX Principles for Ecommerce Sites and I realised in the last 12 months there’s been a shift in how checkout flows work.

19 March 2014

The modes you go through when you buy

This is something I’ve always found useful to when designing for ecommerce sites to make sure you’re supplying everything your users need. I’ve struggled to find it written about elsewhere so I thought I’d expound a bit further on how I interpret it.

12 March 2014

Data-driven UX on a budget – further reading

Following my workshop at General Assembly on Data-driven UX design on a budget, here's some useful links and things I talk about, covering quant data, qual data and AB testing.

9 December 2013

A photo a day

I've decided to take a photo a day for the next year. Here's some thoughts on why I'm doing it.

9 November 2013


I co-organise a little event that we put on at onefinestay. We call it prodcraft. Why? Because it's about the craft of being a product manager.

30 October 2013

Key UX principles for ecommerce sites – further reading

I give a talk at General Assembly about designing for ecommerce sites. Here's some decent further reading on the subject and some resources that I used to help pull my presentation together (a few images even made it into my slides).

1 July 2013

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