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AB testing basics

Where I run through some of the key questions that people want to know when getting started with A/B testing.

Project management in product management

After a few years of being a product manager I've learned that a big part of the role is being a bit of a project manager too.

Key UX principles for ecommerce sites

Today, more and more retailers are moving their businesses to the digital sphere. With platforms readily available, it’s easier than ever to set up an online store—but there are a few key design principles that when utilised can help set your online business apart and achieve market success.

In this 90-minute class, we’ll take a closer look at ecommerce and the essential UX tips around it.

Next on 22 April 2015
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Intro to wireframing

This workshop – ideal for web designers and product managers starting out with wireframing – covers the basics of how to use Omnigraffle and the benefits of wireframing and how you can use it to get quick, actionable results.

Next on 23 April 2015
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Workshop with General Assembly

Get the most out of design testing

The things to do and things to avoid when testing your designs – with lots of examples from Usabilityhub.

My top five free apps for aiding productivity

These are the my favourite free apps not from Apple, Google or Microsoft that I want to give a nod to for improving my productivity on a daily basis. I recommend them all heartily.

Advice for teaching great classes & workshops

Where I share everything I've learned about how to put together a successful design workshop.

Intro to wireframing – further reading

To accompany my Intro to wireframing workshop here are some useful links for attendees and other learners alike on creating wireframes and using Omnigraffle.

Improve your web design with data in 2015

Top tips for how to go about upping your web design work with qualitative and quantitative data.

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