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17 January 2015

Intro to wireframing – further reading

To accompany my Intro to wireframing workshop here are some useful links for attendees and other learners alike on creating wireframes and using Omnigraffle.

2 January 2015

Improve your web design with data in 2015

Top tips for how to go about upping your web design work with qualitative and quantitative data.

General Assembly talk

Data-driven UX on a budget

This class demystifies the buzz around metrics, analytics, and data. For every digital product, there are strategic level key performance metrics (KPIs) that management has to monitor.

This workshop will demonstrate how to make actionable design decisions based on metrics from products like Optimizely, Google Analytics,, social media and real-time stats.

Next on 24 February 2015 – book a ticket
11 December 2014

Christmas infogreetings

Where I give a glimpse of the infographic-y Christmas cards I've designed up for friends and family this year.

28 September 2014

Build your own website dashboard (for free)

I explain why you should do this and give a step by step guide, using the free tools of Google Analytics, Google Docs Spreadsheet and the add-on Supermetrics.

23 May 2014

Photo every day lessons

My thoughts and the lessons I've learned in aiming to take a photo everyday on Instagram for a year.

5 May 2014

Relaunching Fanroom

Where I address the product changes to a web service I've been involved with and a few key reasons why we decided to pivot.

27 April 2014

Be more foxy

Why I think that good product managers understand uncertainty and complexity and are generally more fox than hedgehog.

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